under - below - beneath

Under is almost always used as a preposition. You use under to say that one thing is at a lower level than another, and that the other thing is directly above it. For example, you might say that an object on the floor is under a table or chair.

There was a cask of beer under the bench.

Underneath is used as a preposition or adverb with a similar meaning to under.

The tortoise was underneath the table.

There was a portrait with an inscription underneath.

Below is usually used as an adverb. You normally use it to say that one thing is at a much lower level than another. For example, if you are at the top of a mountain, you can talk about a valley below.

You can see the town spread out below.

Down below in the valley the chimneys were smoking.

Beneath is used as a preposition or an adverb. It has a similar meaning to under or below. Beneath is a rather formal word.

...the feel of the soft ground beneath his feet.

The Minister stared out of the window into the circular courtyard beneath.


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